Head of European Programmes

Treasurer and Financial Director of the European Centre for Women and Technology, European Commission Expert & Gender Equalities is focused on Strategic Human Resources Management and Gender Diversity and Digital Jobs activities specializing in designing, implementing, managing and evaluating European Projects. Holding an MBA he has dedicated his professional experience to human and entrepreneurial development. His knowledge is in the fields of combating gender segregation issues in the working environment, increasing women’s employability through  strengthening of professional skills as well as EU-funded programs related to regional development, social inclusion and social policies. He is a social person and he can interact well in a multicultural environment with good communicating skills gained through his work experience. He has been involved in many EU projects and has a solid knowledge on managerial issues, building teams and on stimulating communications. Dimitris publishes regularly on the topic of  the Digital Agenda e.g. –A European Parliament Magazine Special Supplement on Women and Technology, European Parliament magazine, London, April 2012 and is a speaker on numerous occasions.