Assistant Production Manager and Head of Tailors

Mamadoo Dia was born and raised in Senegal where he worked in fashion since he was a child and worked in different fashion workshops in Senegal and Mauritania. He also had the opportunity to work with major industries from Arab countries until 2005 when he came to Greece to develop his art and find new sources of inspiration. In Athens he attended classes at the school of Veloudakis where he studied Fashion Design as well as Pattern-Making. Since then, Mamadoo has started his own clothing brand “Mamadoo Fashion” where he creates his own collections. Mamadoo’s main source of inspiration is from African patterns that are full of life and colors which it combines in more modern lines. Using high quality fabrics and handmade from Africa, he creates unique clothes combining the vividness and bold colorful and bold prints of traditional African culture with the most minimalist lines of modern urban style. Mamadoo’s creations are for dynamic confident women who know what they want. Women who love themselves and look for something quality and beautiful like what they are.