The SOFFA e-shop

Dear customer, in our B2C e-shop you can find some of our branded products, that were created directly to help us fund our training programs.

In fact, half of the price of your purchase will be directly devolved to implement our existing training programs so that we can reach more beneficiaries, so thank you in advance from all of us!

SOFFA’s 4 teaching programs in circular fashion tailoring and design provide direct integration into work to our beneficiaries.

We work in sustainable fashion manufacturing and zero waste processes with a gender specific inclusion approach. Our tailors are trained to work with recycled, natural, vegan and plant-based textiles, that support environmental regeneration.

Do you believe in our mission? Are you willing to contribute to our cause?
Share a picture of yourself wearing a SOFFA garment on social media and become a SOFFA Ambassador!

If you have any questions, or you’re interested in our work please get in touch here.