Co-Founder & Head of Legal & Work Integration

Certified Lawyer in New York City and years of experience in Brussels on European law. Is a 3 times Award Winner Social Entrepreneur ‘EVO3’ Olive Oil- Plant A Tree for Every Bottle

is a certified lawyer of New York, and a solicitor of England and Wales.  He holds a law degree from Durham University, UK, and two Masters of Law, from UCL, UK and Tulane University, USA.  He has years of experience in Washington, D.C., focusing on International law and in Brussels concentrating on European law.  He has also established a company, evo3 olive farms, with a social and environmental impact in the food industry (, producing and exporting premium olive oil and olive products.  He is a 4 time award winner and social entrepreneur with his brand ‘evo3’ – Plant A Tree in a deforested area in Africa, for every product sold.

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