We offer transparency across the entire platform

We produce made to order customized bespoken shoes, clothes, uniforms and accessories for our customers.


We design specifically for the needs of our customers. Designers are drawn from our pull of incubated designers @ SOFE hub and from our incubated survivors and refugees. We ask them to design each time based on our new customer’s needs. The customer chooses among the various designs which fits more to his needs.

Sourcing of Sustainable Materials

Our team of sustainable textile experts proposes a number of sustainable textile solutions form the ull of new innovative materials that are each month developed around the globe. Our customers can choose from different alternatives, textiles from different origins, locations, and price ranges

We prepare the prototype sample. If the customer is satisfied and places their order then our workforce of survivors and refugees starts producing it.

Packaging. We can design Packaging that is reusable and made from recyclable material

Labeling. We can also design the labels and the story of our customers garments which is placed smartly on every item

Certifications. All products can be certified to be from sustainable materials and nonanimal killed

Our clothing manufacturing is done 100% in house by our workforce of survivors and refugees

Our shoe manufacturing is at the moment partially done by partnering factories until our finances allow us to fully develop from our premises the entire manufacturing process with our own workforce of refugees, therefore reviving an entire ecosystem around shoe production. It’s in your hands to help us do it!


Our Customers

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