The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world after the oil industry.

SOFFA produces from natural, man-made or recycled biodegradable materials that have been certified. It utilizes fabrics that comply with Oeko-tex standards and have been certified organic and Fair Trade, like organic certified cotton, wool, hemp, nettle, oat, bamboo. Although leather is considered a natural material, it usually involves harm to animal welfare. For this reason, SOFFA uses alternatives such as artificial leather from pineapple and mushrooms. Man-made, plant-based fabrics like Tencel and PLA fabrics, and recycled materials such as PET-based recycled polyester, Econyl yarn, recycled cotton, and other disused materials are SOFFA’s choices. Furthermore, the materials used not only promote environmental sustainability (chemicals-free, water and energy saving), but also advance Fair Trade between producers and traders. Sustainable materials support worthy social and environmental issues.

No animals have been killed for our products.