Be Certified on: How to Be a Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur

Athens University of Economics and Business,

Running parallel in London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Lodz,Pl


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5month e-learning course

You will collaborate with designers from 5 EU countries

Participants will gain Certification from the partner organizations and the EU



Fashion industry rose by 2% in 2013, while ethical fashion – by 12%.

What’s more? By becoming a Social and Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur you also deliver benefits to your community and the environment.



1st community F2F workshop asm impact hub

Are you a Fashion Designer or an Artist? A Textile Producer? A Buyer? A Fashion Blogger or a Researcher? Do you want to set up a fashion enterprise in the Web? Do you do upcycling or are you a Fashion Activist? Are you in Luxury or Fast Fashion? A Bespoken Maker? Whatever your activities are in the fashion industry what counts is your principles and goals. Do you want to be an innovator? Do you want to make a change and benefit the planet and people around you while making substantial profits as change makers?



Learning Objectives

  • Train on how to turn into a co‑creator and collaborator for change in the fashion industry
  • Learn the needed strategies that drive success in the Ethical Fashion Industry as these were indicated by our primary research study. These being; Aesthetics, Curation, Commingling and Spacing
  • Acquire the Entrepreneurial Skills to perform these strategies that were identified by our primary research, these being various collaborative leadership skills, networking and alliance building skills, social embeddedness skills, social innovation skills and fashion business skills
  • Train on how to co‑create and collaborate and interact with change makers in fashion from London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Athens and Lodz
  • Learn how to use sustainable materials, upcycling and other processes in fashion design
  • Learn how to manage sustainably and transparently supply chains
  • Learn how to use the new technology to attract customers, to apply the needed skills, to formulate networks and generally how to grow your business using digital technologies
  • Learn how to integrate people from excluded groups
  • Learn how to create positive impact through your activities



Our Learning approach is that of Action Learning Model, is based on:

  • Action
  • Reflection
  • Planning for change


  • Active project. Participants are selected on the basis that they are running a live project on social or sustainable fashion entrepreneurship
  • Two SOFE Handbooks with self-administered exercises
  • Best practices cases of collaborative fashion enterprises: The Netherlands, Spain, the UK, Poland and Greece.
  • E-modules and courses that are delivered through our online platform. Promoting peer to peer learning from across national borders
  • Two face to face workshops are organized in every country to enhance learning of specialized skills and competences. Design thinking methodologies and technical training from experts -like upcycling fashion techniques-
  • Six Monthly mentoring sessions are structured on both a one to one and a group format allowing for Action Learning Sets
  • Peer to peer platform of SOFE participants is created through our SOFE e-learning platform and SOFE social media channels allowing for the creation of action learning sets that will extend beyond the end of the training programme
  • SOFE Award ceremony in the end of the programme will give the opportunity to participants to contest and win the prizes of the Most Social and Most Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneurs


Incubated entrepreneurs may gain

Access to use SOFFA machinery and sustainable materials to create their collections.

Access to SOFFA distribution channels to sell.

They can license their designs to SOFFA customers and earn more money.


Raining Awareness and Training the ethical consumer of tomorrow

  • On 24/4/2013, 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured when the Rana Plaza complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • This changed the way people think about what they wear.

As consumers, our questions, our voices, our shopping habits can have the power to help change things for the better.

  • We push the fashion industry to be more transparent

                    –   Knowledge, information, honesty

  • The industry should value people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure.
  • Mission: bring everyone together to make that happen.
  • #transparency the 1st step to transform the industry.
  • Ask one simple question: Who made my clothes?

Fashion Revolution active in 95 countries today (meet our Greek Team link)

Since 2014 during the Fashion Revolution Week on the 24th of April we organize events all over Greece including Alexandroupoli, Athens, Thessaloniki


Art Meets FashRev

ActionAid documentary «Made in Bangladesh – the real cost of cheap clothes» Children’s Interactive Theater Show from actress Aristea Kontrafouri with costumes from recycled materials

Fashion Street Show in Alexandroupoli from Thrace Ethnological Museum

Music producer ΤΟΚΚΟΙ song created for #FashRevGr “Stories Untold”


Training The Ethical Consumers of Tomorrow

Children and adult Workshops on upcycling and other techniques.

Playtherapists while upcycling with children and drawing on their old shirts explained child labour and how important it is to buy ethically

  • Meet the Greek Producers

They reply #imadeyourcolthes

  • Recycling Fashion

Swap, don’t shop!’ Bazaar

  • #fashionEmpathy


How can You help?

Purchase our Products

Produce in our SOFFA Factory

So we can train and Provide Employement to more Survivors Refugees and Unemployed Designers

We believe that Europe is mostly in need of collaborative production incubators that offer access to high technology machinery, and bring together European talent and expertise, creating social innovation hubs, socially inclusive job positions, and having a strong social and environmental identity.


Our Social Impact is measured systematically through specific quantifiable metric

  • Sustainable Fashion technicians in No

Today we are integrating 7 survivors’ victims of human trafficking

We are in the process of integrating another 2 refugees

  • Sustainable Fashion entrepreneurs

Today we are providing training and income to 2 Greek unemployed fashion designers

We are in process of incubating another 1 unemployed fashion designer

In February 20 people will be trained on how to Become Social and Sustainable fashion Entrepreneurs in Greece and another 80 in London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lodz, Poland

  • Volume of garments diverter from landfill and animal lives saved

We used 50 meters of sustainable textiles