We proudly hide the faces of our employees

Said Business School Oxford University and Skoll Foundation said about us

“We were impressed by the depth and understanding with which you have thought about this issue from the perspective of beneficiaries.” (May,2016)

SOFFA aims to remedy the financial vulnerability of refugees and survivors of human trafficking by integrating them into the sustainable/ethical fashion industry. We have developed a self-help approach capitalizing on existing talents of young refugees and immigrants acting complementary to NGOs work, offering two options:


  • Stage 1: We provide training on targeted fashion technical skills
  • Stage2: Employment into SOFFA production line
  • Full-time employment



  • SOFEhub
    • Stage 1: Training through our educational Action Learning platform on how to be a Sustainable and Social Fashion Entrepreneur ( )
  • Stage 2: Access to machinery and sustainable materials to produce their own collection
  • Stage 3: Access to our distribution channels to sell their products
  • Stage 4: They can also work as designers for SOFFA customers through licensing their designs




  • We recruit survivors of human trafficking through NGO collaboration. We provide full employment to keep them off the streets and teach them a skill that they can use to survive as they move to other countries or repatriate.
  • We recruit refugees though collaboration with frontline NGOs and camp managers to identify the skilled refugees in fashion manufacturing
  • We recruit refugees through

Together with refugees and other professionals we developed

Refergon is an online platform using mobile phone and FB technology to provide refugees access to the workplace namely matching employers’ needs to refugee labour supply and matching supply of training (private and public) to refugees in need to obtain knowledge and skills certification.



Our Social Impact is measured systematically through specific quantifiable metrics

  • Sustainable Fashion technicians

Today we are integrating 7 survivors’ victims of human trafficking

We are in the process of integrating another 2 refugees

  • Sustainable Fashion entrepreneurs

Today we are providing training and income to 2 Greek unemployed fashion designers

We are in process of incubating another 1 unemployed fashion designer

In February 20 people will be trained on how to ‘Become Social and Sustainable fashion Entrepreneurs’ in Greece and another 80 in London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and  Lodz, Poland.